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Programs for Leaders and Managers

Leadership Program for Executives and Managers

Following a diagnosis by our experts, we present you with a program adapted to your individual needs and objectives. Here are the five programs available.


In this workshop, you will learn how effective leaders practice four constructive styles to generate and sustain high performance among those who work with them. You will understand your leadership style and how to refine it to become a more effective leader.


This program is for you if:

  • You manage teams

  • You are keen to develop your leadership style

  • Being in high demand, you would like a diagnosis of your leadership style and a quick action plan

You will build your own Human Synergistics leadership profile and follow a 90 minute webinar.  During this webinar you will learn the Human Synergistics leadership model and you will be able to use the 4 styles of constructive leadership that generate and maintain a high level of performance among those who work with you. You will understand your own leadership style and, with the help of a Development Guide, you can refine it to become a more effective leader. After the webinar, you will follow a personal and confidential coaching session with an executive coach to maximize your results.


In this one-day workshop, participants complete individual and group exercises to refine and define the five key competencies critical to their organization's success. They receive the results of their MEPS® 360° profile and plan development actions for the competencies identified as needing work at the individual level.


The participant receives his Human Synergistics ® profile with the accompanying personalized diagnosis. Then, we establish a Personal Action Plan (PAP) and a Coaching Profile to focus our participants on the improvement actions to be taken with measurable results.


This intensive program will allow you to learn and perfect your skills as a leader and developer of future managers and leaders.

A two-day workshop, followed the next day by 90-120 minute individual coaching sessions for each participant.


This one-day workshop allows managers to better identify the causes of workplace conflict and to address them in a constructive manner.  

These Concepts will allow you to obtain a high level of commitment from the people involved.

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