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Team-Building Simulations

When Human Synergistics® International first introduced the Desert Survival Situation, our clients were extremely excited to be able to use this innovative teamwork activity based on the concept of synergy (the fact that individuals working effectively together achieve better results than working individually). Today, Desert Survival is one of the most widely used team building activities in the world.

Simulations for teamwork
consolidation d'équipe (team building) - simulations d'affaires Colin Newhouse

Business Simulation Series

From conducting effective meetings and planning projects to resolving customer complaints, our Business Simulation Series simulations can be used to sharpen business knowledge and practices while tuning up teamwork skills – for double the impact on performance.


The simulations in our Business Simulation Series strengthen the skills and behaviors your teams need to solve problems and make decisions effectively (and efficiently). Examples include: Project Planning Situation™ and Turnaround™.

Business Simulation Series
simulation de survie - consolidation d'équipe (team building) Colin Newhouse

Survival Simulation Series

Our Survival Simulation Series exercises require team members to work together effectively to deal with life-threatening situations.


These simulations can be used as icebreakers, to establish Constructive norms within a new work group, or to introduce members to the value of synergy or to gauge their synergistic problem-solving skills.


Examples include: Desert Survival Situation™ and Subarctic Survival Situation™.

Survival Simulation Series
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