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Human Synergistics™ Leadership 360



  • Receive their individual and confidential ISV 360° Leadership Profile

  • Receive an individual coaching session with an executive coach

  • Recognize the four constructive styles most often used by effective leaders

  • Understand the impact of their leadership style on the teams they manage and/or are part of

  • Be able to assess the leadership development needs of the teams and organizations they work with

  • Improve their mentoring and coaching skills Be able to balance their professional and personal lives


This three-day seminar takes participants on a journey to discover their own leadership style and the results it produces in small work teams.

Using the latest technology from Human Synergistics, leaders will discover the positive and negative impacts of their leadership on those around them. In addition, this seminar will allow them to develop an action plan to continue to improve once they return to work.


  • Impact of your leadership style (individual, team and organizational)

  • Team survival exercise

  • Calculation of performance gains & synergy

  • Group Style Profiles

  • The 4 constructive styles

  • Overview of the 360° concept

  • Building an Effective Team

  • Business Case Study


  • Meet your coaches

  • Business case study, team decisions, analysis and conclusions

  • Evaluation of synergy gains from Day 1

  • Teams deduce their own leadership process

  • Study "The Twelve Angry Men", Henry Fonda's classic movie

  • Teams determine their ability to recognize leadership styles

  • Case study



  •  What is organizational culture?

  • How leadership styles positively and negatively affect the culture of a department or an entire company

  • The concept of culture for quality; individual and team decisions on building high performance groups and organizations


  • Executives and senior managers

  • Project leaders

  • Professionals who need to motivate others to achieve results

Customer testimonials


"A+ for your 'Leadership 360°' training and the coaching that followed. The 360° profile and the perception of others on our work, lead us to question ourselves, challenge our "ego" and our way of working, but above all to grow, improve ourselves as a leader and as a human being....What more can we ask for!"

Christine Saint-Pierre, Director of Recreation, Culture and Community Life
City of Victoriaville


"Our Leadership Program at the Hilton Montreal Airport has given me a great deal both personally and professionally. In terms of organizing my personal life, I was able to achieve a better balance with the demands and constraints imposed by my job. Professionally, this program has provided me with practical tools to lead critical changes in our organization. In addition, I am better able to utilize the combined strengths of my entire leadership team."

Alison Palin, General Manager
Hilton Montreal Airport

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