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Culture & Organizational Effectiveness


Your organization will:

  • Discover which organizational styles are present in your organization

  • Learn which of these styles promote the production of high quality goods and services

  • Learn the degree of employee engagement and intention to stay with your organization

  • Know which departments and services are most and least effective. Identify which groups of employees need help or resources to become highly effective

  • Receive a series of prioritized recommendations for implementing the necessary changes

  • Be able to benchmark themselves against high-performing organizations

  • Be able to ask very specific questions, anonymously, to solicit suggestions for improvement from employees


We meet with the organization's representatives to decide on the exact form of the survey desired. We establish the sample size, which can be from 25% to 100% of the population, and the schedule of key activities. Then, questionnaires are completed online, or from time to time in paper format.

All data is treated confidentially. The resulting report includes visual profiles of your organization's effectiveness and identifies opportunities for improvement. These profiles are also presented for different departments and pre-determined groups of employees. Profiles that compare your organization to high-performing organizations are also presented. You will receive specific recommendations for the continuous improvement of your organization.

Our results are presented under several headings:


  • The entire organization

  • Pre-determined sub-groups

  • Business units

  • Hierarchical levels

All data and results are treated with complete confidentiality. The process normally takes six to eight weeks.


This program is for you if...

  • You are facing organizational changes and want to ensure their success

  • You want to compare your organization's performance to that of other successful organizations

  • You want to objectively measure and compare the effectiveness of different units in the organization

  • You want an accurate picture of your organization before and/or after the implementation of changes

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