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Our Targeted Coaching approach™.


  • You will receive your 360° leadership profile (between 30 and 100 pages depending on the exact type of profile)

  • You will receive individual and confidential coaching

  • You will build your Personal Action Plan

  • You will have a systematic quarterly follow-up


  • The participant completes an electronic ISV 360° ™ questionnaire from Human Synergistics™ and selects a "molecule" of 5 to 10 respondents.

  • The participant then receives his or her ISV 360° personal profile and confidential 30-100 page development report

  • We review the results with the participant during a first debriefing of 2 to 3 hours.

  • During the second meeting, we build a personal Action Plan with the participant.

  • With the participant's permission, we summarize the key actions of the Personal Action Plan to the participant's immediate superior

  • This summary takes the form of a Coaching Profile.

  • Targeted coaching meetings will take place at 4-6 week intervals over a 12-18 month period.

  • At the end of the program, participants evaluate their progress and a summary report is sent to their management.


  • Executives wishing to further their professional development

  • Candidates for senior management positions

  • High potential employees

  • Employees being considered for promotion to senior management

  • Candidates who are part of a structured succession plan

Customer testimonials 


"Our "Focused Coaching" program, designed and facilitated by Colin Newhouse & Associates, has greatly enhanced our talent management system. We especially appreciated the quality of the coaches assigned to the program and the wide range of Human Synergistics diagnostic profiles used by our participating executives."


Thérèse Ménard,

Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Communications, Rheinmetall Canada


"The feedback I received during my one-on-one coaching session allowed me to build a clear and precise action plan to improve my interpersonal skills. I also really appreciated the innovative learning techniques used."


Normand Miron, Director, Marketing

Basell Canada

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