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Conflict management


  • Learn to use a simple and powerful model of twelve conflict management styles

  • Recognize the five stages in the evolution of conflict to avoid escalation and impasse

  • Obtain a high level of commitment from those who need to be involved in implementing solutions

  • Know when to adopt a compromise approach and when to use more peremptory strategies

  • Become more effective coaches in helping their subordinates better resolve conflicts


At the beginning of this intensive one-day workshop, you will complete an LSI™ Conflict Management Questionnaire. This tool will allow you to establish your personal conflict management profile and understand your abilities to deal with conflict in a constructive and sustainable manner. Next, you will follow a case study designed by Ghislaine Labelle, an Organizational Psychologist, and learn the five stages in the evolution of conflict.

Other exercises will allow you to apply these key concepts to your work situation. At the end of the day, you will receive Ghislaine's book, How to Defuse Conflict at Work. This book won the award for best book on human resources management in 2006.


  • Executives

  • Negotiators

  • Individual and team performance reviewers

  • Project managers

  • Sales professionals

  • Supply chain professionals



"I found the case studies directly from our work very useful. The Conflict Management profile, with its Development Guide, will be very useful for my personal development and for coaching my employees."

Carole Marier, Store Manager

Québec Loisirs

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