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Our Team Programs

Leadership Program for Executives and Managers

Following a diagnosis by our experts, we present you with a program adapted to your individual needs and objectives. Here are the three programs available.


This program focuses on coaching teams for success.  It is a one-day program followed by an individual coaching session. It introduces you to a simple and powerful model of coaching styles. Through team case studies and individual exercises you will learn about the 4 constructive and effective team coaching styles.


Technically competent individuals are not automatically the best team workers. In fact, some of the traits they use to succeed as individuals are serious barriers to their performance in a team. In the Team Effectiveness workshop, you will visually profile the strengths and weaknesses of your current team, and establish specific actions you can take to improve its effectiveness.


Technically competent individuals do not automatically work cohesively and effectively. The best project teams use a knowledge of key human factors that make the difference between a successful project and a failed one. This workshop will teach you how to use several practical tools to manage the critical human factors that make your projects successful.

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