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Solutions for change

Colin Newhouse & Associates offers different programs to help you find solutions for change for your individual contributors, your teams and your entire organization. 

Our expert consultants work with companies of all sizes and in all fields, institutional, industrial and commercial, and all over the world.

organizational change solutions
Programmes solution de changement individuels leadership 360 coaching Colin Newhouse


You will learn how effective leaders balance four constructive styles to generate and maintain high performance amongst those that work with and for them.

You will understand your own leadership style and how to fine tune it in order to become a highly effective leader.

Team Change Solution Program Leadership Training Colin Newhouse


Successful, competent individuals do not automatically make successful competent team players. Indeed, some of the traits they use to succeed as individuals are serious obstacles to their success in a team.


Our Team programs diagnose your current team's strengths and weaknesses and sets specific actions for improved team effectiveness.

Organizational Culture Survey Change Management Colin Newhouse



We survey all your employees in complete confidentiality.

The resulting culture report contains visual profiles of your organization's effectiveness and identifies opportunities for further improvement.

Are expert consultants present specific recommendations to build on these opportunities and implement real change.

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