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Accréditations Human Synergistics

Human Synergistics™

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Basic Accreditation: Individual and Team Leadership
Human Synergistics™

3-Day intensive workshop for specialists in Organizational Development and Training. Participants are accredited to use all the latest Human Synergistics technologies, including LSI® I and 360° Leadership profiles, Group Style Profiles, Organizational Culture profiles, Survival Situations, Business Simulations, Stress and Conflict Inventories and all the Human Synergistics support materials and documents.

The format of the certification

Human Synergistics technologies fall into two related families of tools:


  • Sociometric profiles for individuals, teams and organizational cultures

  • Simulation games and case studies such as Survival situations and Business cases

Who will benefit from this programme?


  • Directors of Human Resources

  • Organizational Development Specialists

  • Human Resources Consultants working with their clients

  • Specialists in Coaching

  • Consultants in Organizational Change

DAY - 1

  • How to use basic Human Synergistics® Survival simulations to develop team skills

  • How to diagnose team behaviours using the Group Styles Inventory (GSI®)

  • How to use the Human Synergistics LSI® I technologies as individual coaching tools

  • How to effectively use Human Synergistics® Business Simulations

DAY - 2

  • How to use advanced Human Synergistics Survival simulations to develop team skills

  • The Life Styles Inventory (LSI®)

  • Advanced techniques for using the Group Styles Inventory (GSI®)

  • How to use the Human Synergistics LSI® 360° technologies as individual and leadership coaching tools

  • How to use advanced Human Synergistics® Business Simulations

  • The Human Synergistics® Conflict inventory


Accreditation in organizational culture
from Human Synergistics™

2-day intensive workshop for organizational transformation specialists.  You will be certified to administer, interpret and operate culture surveys based on Human Synergistics' Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI) technology.

Who will benefit from this program?


  •  Organizational development managers

  • Consultants assisting their clients in organizational transformation

  •  Human resources professionals wishing to conduct surveys on organizational effectiveness and factors such as employee engagement, satisfaction and mobilization

DAY - 1

  • Introduction to organizational culture

  • Presentation of the Human Synergistics model in organizational culture

  • Human Synergistics Simulations Designing a Culture for Quality

DAY - 2

  • How to design and organize organizational culture surveys

  • Case study in interpreting organizational culture survey results

  • Testing for your credential

Advanced certification
Human Synergistics™ 

Management/Impact™  & Leadership/Impact™

Two-day hands-on workshop, held in Quebec (in French) and in Ontario (in English). You will learn and apply the ‘Impact’ model from Human Synergistics® and the structure of the Management/Impact® and Leadership/Impact® 360° profiles. You will learn how to interpret the different elements of each profile and to integrate them into your coaching and training programs for Managers and Senior Executives.

Measure the impact of leaders & managers on organizational performance

Learn how to debrief leaders and managers on building their Constructive impact on culture through detailed analysis of the strategies and approaches they employ, and how those strategies and approaches influence their effectiveness, using Leadership/Impact  and Management/Impact.

Using interactive, experiential learning techniques, the Impact Workshop will prepare you to:


  • understand the Impact model, including ideal impact, current strategies and approaches, current impact, and effectiveness

  • interpret and use the statistical information presented in the L/I and M/I Feedback Reports

  • differentiate between effectiveness and success

  • make the distinction between style and impact

  • debrief feedback reports

  • educate others on the effects of leadership impact on organizational culture

  • use and leverage our action-planning templates

Who should attend?

  • Consultants

  • Trainers

  • Coaches

  • Human Resources Managers

  • Training Coordinators

  • Organizational Development professionals

  • Industrial Psychologists

  • Any professional working in the field of individual, team and organizational development


In order to follow this program, you must have already completed the Human Synergistics® basic accreditation program.

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