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Customer testimonials 


"Our "Focused Coaching" program, designed and facilitated by Colin Newhouse & Associates, has greatly enhanced our talent management system. We especially appreciated the quality of the coaches assigned to the program and the wide range of Human Synergistics diagnostic profiles used by our participating executives."

Thérèse Ménard, Vice President, Human Resources and Communications

Rheinmetall Canada


"A+ for your 'Leadership 360°' training and the coaching that followed. The 360° profile and the perception of others on our work, lead us to question ourselves, challenge our "ego" and our way of working, but above all to grow, improve ourselves as a leader and as a human being. What more can we ask for!"

Christine Saint-Pierre, Director of Recreation, Culture and Community Life
City of Victoriaville


"Our City's Organizational Effectiveness Survey and our Human Synergistics Leadership Profiles provided by Colin Newhouse & Associates, helped us identify concrete actions for improvement that we quickly implemented."

François Vaillancourt, General Manager
City of St-Lambert


"The feedback I received during my one-on-one "coaching" session allowed me to build a clear and specific action plan to improve my interpersonal skills. I also really appreciated the innovative learning techniques used."

Normand Miron, Marketing Director

Basell Canada


"I found the scenarios directly from our work very useful. The Conflict Management profile, with its Development Guide, will be very useful for my personal development and for coaching my employees."

Carole Marier,

Store Manager

Québec Loisirs


I have seen a tremendous return on my investment of time and effort through the Leadership 360 program. In particular, I found that the follow-up coaching session allowed me to greatly improve my leadership style. I was able to optimize my active listening approach and install a participative climate within my business unit. The effects were very positive, for example, during our recent cost reduction campaign. I would definitely recommend this program to any senior manager who wants to improve his or her leadership style.


Stéphane Rousseau

General Manager

Kruger Inc.

"I found that, while we already knew our strengths and weaknesses fairly well as a management team, it was very important for us to be reminded of them in an objective way. The approach used by Colin Newhouse & Associates inspired us to make real and constructive changes."

Jean-Pierre Léger ,

President and Chief Executive Officer 

Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert Ltée

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