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Project Management: The Human Factor


  • You will build your personal D.I.S.C.™ profile that will allow you to improve your effectiveness on a project team

  • You will know how to better coach and give feedback to your project team members

  • You will have tools to improve your communication style

  • You will learn what motivates the different personality types in your project teams

  • You will have an action plan to apply the practical tools you used during the workshop when you return to work


In this intensive one-day workshop, you will participate in group exercises to test and improve your ability to communicate with a project team, motivate individual team members, and ensure that the critical project steps are organized and monitored to ensure project success.

You will build your D.I.S.C.™ profile that will show you your project management style and allow you to select and motivate committed, high performing individuals. Finally, you will build an action plan to transfer what you learned and practiced during the workshop to your workplace.


  • Managers and team members of current projects

  • People who plan to participate in future project teams

  • Anyone who wants to improve their ability to engage, motivate and communicate with teams.

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