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Human Synergistics - Effective Team Coaching™


  • You will learn a simple and powerful model of 12 team coaching styles

  • You will be able to recognize and apply the 4 constructive styles that have a highly positive impact

  • You will be able to recognize and reward exemplary performance

  • You will be able to quickly take appropriate action to correct unsatisfactory performance

  • Learn effective strategies for delegating and controlling critical tasks and projects

  • You will plan and organize the ongoing professional development of your subordinates

  • You will monitor high potential staff and learn to systematically plan for their professional development

  • You will have the opportunity to meet with your Executive Coach on a quarterly basis to continue your development


This program focuses on executive team coaching and is a one-day program followed by an individual coaching session. It introduces you to a simple and powerful model of team coaching styles. Through team case studies and individual exercises you will learn about the 4 constructive and effective team coaching styles. You will also have the opportunity to receive a personalized coaching session with an executive coach with whom you will develop your Personal Action Plan. You will then be able to better manage the people around you as a coach.

This program is divided into two parts:

  • The first one-day part: It includes a case study on effective team coaching approaches designed by Human Synergistics™ and you will receive your own LSI® coaching profile.

  • In the second part you meet for 90 minutes with your Executive Coach with whom you can explore the results of your LSI™ coaching profile and establish your Personal Action Plan.


  • Managers with responsibilities for one or more teams

  • Project managers

  • Human resources managers who advise and/or support people in team development

  • High potential professionals who often work in teams

  • Leaders training the next generation

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