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Team Effectiveness

We use Human Synergistics® survival simulations and diagnostic profiles to build your Team Contract

Survival simulations
Diagnostic profiles
Team contract
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  • Learn the four families of behavior used by the most successful teams

  • Generate synergy between team members

  • Use these concepts when returning to work

  • Plan team projects to maximize synergy and improve results

  • Coach others to implement these methods and achieve better team results


In an interactive workshop, you and a small group will be plunged into a life-or-death situation. The situation will simulate an emergency landing in the desert, the jungle, a shipwreck at sea or any other critical situation. 
Your group will then measure its ability to generate synergy and high-caliber solutions. Then you'll apply this learning to a corporate situation and measure your progress. Finally, you'll build an action plan to apply effective teamwork measures in your workplace.


  • Existing teams looking for ways to become more effective

  • Newly formed teams needing to avoid potential obstacles

  • Project teams

  • Team leaders who want to learn more about the dynamics of high-performing teams

  • Individuals on multiple teams at the same time

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