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What's coming in 2024? Let's ask Chatgpt.

Updated: Jan 8

What are the top priorities for leaders as we start 2024? What more appropriate way to get the ball rolling than to ask an artificial intelligence (AI) platform. We tried Chatgpt. Here are the top three priorities it strongly suggested we look at.


1.    Technology and Digital Transformation: 

No surprise here, after all, we are asking a leader of the top technology trend for its suggested priorities! It gives two main reasons for leaders to make sure their teams are using technology and digital transformation resources to the maximum:

a) There are huge gains to be made in operational efficiency and therefore cost reduction

b) Your team will have its creativity greatly enhanced and will be able to seize new opportunities before your competitors.

Especially look out for AI, blockchain and the internet of things to give you and your team a boost in 2024. Your payoff? Greatly increased growth and resilience.


2. Continuous learning and skills development: 

Because of the first priority, you have to ensure your team is continuously learning and developing new skills. As a leader, make sure you are regularly investing in your employees’ learning and development. Your payoff? A highly motivated workforce that will not be tempted to jump ship because they are able to see that they are greatly improving your organization’s effectiveness at all levels and ultimately, are ensuring its long term survival.

3. Social and Environmental Responsibility:

Consumers and employees are increasingly concerned about social and environmental issues. Business leaders in 2024 need to integrate social and environmental responsibility into their corporate strategy. This goes beyond simply adhering to standards, it means adopting sustainable and socially responsible practices. Optimistic leaders recognize that their company's long-term prosperity depends on its positive impact on society and the environment. Your payoff? Your team is making a difference not only to your immediate stakeholder environment, but to the world as a whole.

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