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Say No to ''Feel-Good'' Training!

Updated: Jun 12

''Here we go again''! That was my reaction a few weeks ago when a new client asked us to organize a survival team session using one of Human Synergistics®  team survival simulations.


Why would I be reluctant to accept this type of contract? The problem was it was an example of ‘feel-good training’. The client was asking us to facilitate a short session where the participants would have fun making decisions on how to survive an airplane crash in Canada’s subarctic region – but without learning and applying lessons back on the job from their decision-making experience. For us in the profession, this is like a sugar rush from eating a boxful of candies: a momentary high, but no lasting changed behavior.


Effective training goes beyond having a fun moment (which is important, but not the real objective). It is an intervention which leads to changed behavior back in the workplace. We design our team sessions like this:

So, we always recommend to our clients that they invest some time in diagnosing their team’s strengths and areas to improve, revealed by a well-researched profile, and use the profile’s results to build a Team Contract of specific actions they will apply back on the job.


We find that Human Synergistics® profiles, which are designed to be used in conjunction with their suite of survival and business simulations, do an excellent job of providing both an enjoyable and engaging activity with taking away and applying valuable on-the-job lessons and behaviors.


Fortunately, our new client thought so too and we designed a successful program which they will now be rolling out across their organization.


Want to know more about our leadership programs and profiles?

  • Individual Leadership (360° profiles, training, coaching)

  • Team leadership (Survival simulations, case studies, etc.)

  • Organizational leadership (culture surveys, engagement surveys, satisfaction surveys, etc.)

Tel : 514-485-4900


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