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Frederic Rainville

Colin Newhouse team

Senior Associate, Colin Newhouse & Associates

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Frédéric Rainville

Senior Associate


Frédéric (Fred) Rainville has over 30 years of rich and varied professional experience in the fields of human resources, sales and marketing. His main strengths lie in individual/team development, motivation and conflict resolution.

He has had the opportunity to work in Montreal and Toronto in a variety of industries, including retail (Provigo, Kraft, Heinz and Colgate), medical and education. He has held senior management positions at both national and international levels. He also started his own business, a pre-school education center where he offered a curriculum, a bilingual program and many other activities offered to young people for their cognitive/intellectual development. He now lives in Connecticut, USA.

In addition to his professional career, he has always had a penchant for teamwork and offering support to those around him:

  • He was a reservist (part-time), in the Canadian Armed Forces, as a military engineer. He worked his way up through the military hierarchy during his college and university years.

  • He was a board member and strategic advisor to a non-profit organization in the medical field, setting up a human resources department and drafting many of the documents needed to welcome newcomers.

  • He was involved with the United Nations (UN) as a volunteer in the Education-Youth division. Convincing young people to get involved with the UN to work on various international projects, including Education for All, which was the main objective.

He holds a bachelor's degree in industrial relations from the Université de Montréal and an MBA, with a specialization in human resources. His master's thesis focused on organizational communication. He continues to take online courses for his personal and professional development. He is fluently bilingual (English and French).


After more than 30 years and accredited in all Human Synergistics® diagnostic technologies, he returns to his first passion, human resources consulting... but this time with a much broader and more diversified vision.

For more information, visit his website:

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