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Colin Newhouse

Colin Newhouse team

President and Founder, Colin Newhouse & Associates

Colin Newhouse president and founder coaching leadership and change management training

Colin Newhouse

President and founder


Colin Newhouse was born in England and educated there and in France. He completed the first part of his Bachelor degree in Education at the University of Reading. Then he moved to France where he completed his degree, a License ès-lettres in Education and Communication from the Université de Paris V. In Paris, he started his career in adult training and development.In 1975, he moved to Montreal and became the Managing Director of a consulting company specializing in language and communications training and development, a position he held for 3 years, before moving to a similar position in CP Rail.


In 1979 he joined Canadair. After setting up all language and communication training in the organization, he moved into management development and became the Head of Training & Development for the company. Among his accomplishments at Canadair were several culture-change programs to integrate new divisions into the Bombardier family of companies. He intervened as an Executive Coach to Managers setting up new units and divisions in Canada and the United States. He then moved on to hold several generalist positions in Human Resources in Bombardier/Canadair. In 1990 he joined Spar Aerospace to head up all Recruiting and Training & Development and then moved to Hewitt-Caterpillar in 1992 to hold a similar position.


Since 1993 he has owned and managed his own Human Performance consulting company, Colin Newhouse & Associates. He specializes in human performance issues and designs and delivers programmes to clients in Canada, the United States and in Europe. He designed and delivers the '360° Leader' programme for McGill's Executive Institute.

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