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Annie Vanderperren

Colin Newhouse team

Project Coordinator Colin Newhouse & Associates

Annie Vanderperren coaching leadership and change management training

Annie Vanderperren

Project Coordinator


Annie studied administration and languages ​​and, being of Belgian origin, she is multilingual. During her career in Belgium she has worked for multinationals such as Xerox and Esso.

When she arrived in Quebec, she specialized in human resources, an area she particularly loves and in which she has worked extensively. Her career has covered the areas of recruiting, executive reassignment, organizational development and industrial psychology.

She spent 16 years at the head office of Cascades Tissue Group as a Human Resources Coordinator, which allowed her to broaden her experience and knowledge in the HR field. She has specialized in employee well-being, for example by creating, among other achievements, a health club and implementing ergonomics in the workplace. Skill-based management at Cascades also gave her the opportunity to exploit her talents in organizing events. One of her last projects at Cascades was managing the expansion of the head office, a large-scale project involving the coordinating the work of many trades and the addition of nearly a hundred ergonomic workstations in order to create a quality working environment.


At Colin Newhouse and Associates, Annie is in charge of customer service, project coordination as well as administrative support. She is certified in all diagnostic technologies from Human Synergistics.®

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