Colin Newhouse & Associates is proud to support Humanité et Inclusion (HI), a non-governmental organization co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 for its work in establishing the Ottawa Treaty. This agreement has banned the manufacture, stockpiling and use of anti-personnel mines around the world.


HI is known worldwide for its advocacy and work to advance the rights of the most vulnerable people on Earth, victims of armed conflict, natural disasters and disabling diseases. HI (formerly Handicap International) is the leader in mine clearance with 300 projects in more than 50 countries.


Currently, we are helping Humanité and Inclusion Canada build a rehabilitation center in Kakuma, Kenya, to help victims of war in southern Sudan. These people need our help. If you want to contribute to this $ 101 K project, click here and you will immediately receive your tax receipt for a great cause.