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Founded in 1971, Human Synergistics built its international reputation as an innovator in the field of organizational development. Human Synergistics is proud to help companies around the world support their people and improve their performance with a focus on cultural change, leadership development and team building.


Individual development starts with self-discovery. Our solutions help to create awareness of current behaviors, acceptance of the impacts these have on personal effectiveness, and action steps for constructive change.


Our group and team solutions develop Constructive interaction styles that lead to psychological safety, team synergy, and innovation! Human Synergistics Team Profiles will help you measure team performance, synergy, group and member styles, the team skills of members, and the quality of group processes.


The distinguishing feature of leading organizations is their culture. It affects performance, employee engagement, and the ability to create an innovative and positive work environment. Our experience shows us that culture can be managed. Our industry-leading surveys and experienced team can help you craft the right solution

Our team-building simulations provide a unique opportunity to quickly and objectively measure whether your groups are achieving synergy and offer a platform for development.

Whether you work inside an organization or are a consulting partner to one, you can get accredited in our full suite of diagnostics. 


Accreditation begins by attending one of our workshops and gaining a foundation in Human Synergistics ® diagnostics, methodology and research.


Human Synergistics ®