Our Targeted Coaching, program developed and delivered by Colin Newhouse & Associates, has enabled us to greatly reinforce our Talet Management System. We especially appreciated the quality of the Coaches assigned to our program and also the range of diagnostic profiles used by our participating Managers and Executives.

The organizational effectiveness survey for the City and the Human Synergistics leadership profiles set up by Colin Newhouse & Associates, enabled us to identify and set in motion concrete actions to improve our effectiveness as a team.

The case studies, which are directly based on our working environment, were extremely useful. My Conflict Management Profile, with its accompanying Development Guide, will be invaluable for my own professional development and for coaching my employees.

Top marks for your ‘360° Leadership’ program and the coaching session that followed. The 360° leadership profile and the perception of those around us at work, leads us to positively challenge our ‘egos’ and the way we approach work, but especially it helps us to grow, not only as leaders but as human beings…We cannot ask more than that

The feedback I received during my 1-on-1 personal coaching session allowed me to build a clear and precise development plan. I also greatly appreciated the innovative teaching techniques used in the workshop.

I found that, although our senior management team had a solid idea of our strengths and areas for improvement, it was very valuable to us to have an objective, outside view. The approach used by Colin Newhouse & Associates has provoked us into making real and constructive changes.


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