Our Targeted Coaching ® Approach


We use the following dynamic equation to guide our coaching program for Executives and Managers:

Awareness x Action = Results

Participants receive a full Human Synergistics LSI® 360° profile and report to ensure objective awareness of their strengths and areas for professional development. Then we build a Coaching Profile to focus on actions and measurable results.




  • Senior managers who wish to continue their professional development

  • Candidates for senior management positions

  • High potential or 'Fast-track' employees being considered for eventual promotion to senior management ranks

  • Participants in a formal or semi-formal succession planning system



  • We hold an initial meeting with the participant's immediate superior to check for his/her objectives

  • We then meet with the participant and explain the way our programme works

  • The participant then completes a Human Synergistics® LSI® 360° electronic questionnaire

  • The participant receives his/her LSI® 360° profile and development report

  • We debrief the participant on his/her results and set a time and date for the Coaching Profile meeting

  • We build a Coaching Profile with the participant, focusing on specific measurable actions and results that build on the LSI® 360° recommendations

  • With the participant's authorization, we summarize the key Coaching Profile actions to the participant's immediate superior, together with tips for successful on-going follow-up.

  • We meet with the participant and/or his/her immediate superior at quarterly intervals for 6 to 12 months to ensure the actions in the Coaching Profile are successfully implemented with measurable results


 "Our Targeted Coaching, program developed and delivered by Colin Newhouse & Associates, has enabled us to greatly reinforce our Talet Management System. We especially appreciated the quality of the Coaches assigned to our program and also the range of diagnostic profiles used by our participating Managers and Executives.»


Thérèse Ménard,

Vice-President, Human Resources and Business Communications, Rheinmetall Canada

''The feedback I received during my 1-on-1 personal coaching session allowed me to build a clear and precise development plan. I also greatly appreciated the innovative teaching techniques used in the workshop.''


Normand Miron, Marketing Director

Basell Canada