Organizational Culture and Effectiveness



We meet with the organization's representatives to design the exact form the Organizational Culture and Effectiveness Survey will take. We set up the sample size, which can be anywhere from 25% to 100% of the population. We then determine the exact timetable and method of sampling. Questionnaires are completed on line or in a paper-and-pencil format. All data is collected in complete confidentiality. The resulting report contains visual profiles of the organization's effectives and areas for on-going improvement. These profiles are also broken down by business unit and by employee level. Visual profiles of top-performing organizations are also included. Specific recommendations for the organization are made.


Program Outline

  • We meet with you to determine the current context of your organization

  • We then recommend which survey tools to use and the size of the sample population

  • Surveys are conducted on line or using a paper-and-pencil format

  • They give visual profiles of the styles and effectiveness of the organization as a whole and of units that you have predefined

  • The final report contains all your results and a series of recommendations by priority

  • Typically, the entire process can be completed within six to eight weeks

  • All data and results are confidential



  • You are facing major organizational changes and want to ensure their success

  • You need to benchmark your organization to other top-performing organizations

  • You would like to objectively measure the effectiveness of different business units across your organization

  • You want an objective picture of your organization before or after making significant changes




Organizations will:

  • Learn which styles predominate in their organization and which ones are the most and least effective in producing top-quality goods & services

  • Which business units and departments are the most and least effective in their organization

  • Which levels of contributors need the most and least assistance to become more effective

  • Have a set of specific actions to consolidate what they do well and to correct what they do less well

  • Learn the answers to their own specific questions to employees regarding their levels of satisfaction and their suggestions for improvements

''The organizational effectiveness survey for the City and the Human Synergistics leadership profiles set up by Colin Newhouse & Associates, enabled us to identify and set in motion concrete actions to improve our effectiveness as a team.''

François Vaillancourt, General Director

City of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu