Leadership Impact 360°


With a short, intensive investment of your time, you will learn key skills to become a highly effective leader and a developer of others to become leaders in their turn. Two-day workshop, followed the next day by 1-on-1 coaching sessions lasting 90 - 120 minutes for each participant.




  • Senior and mid-level Managers

  • Senior Project Managers



Participants will:


  • Learn how effective they are in coaching those that report to them to be effective leaders.

  • Build their own visual profile of the ideal leadership profile they wish to achieve.

  • Compare this ideal to the profiles of highly effective coaches and leaders.

  • Receive 360° feedback on how close they are perceived by others to this ideal.

  • Receive 360° feedback on their effectiveness in using 10 key Leadership development strategies.

  • Participate in high-level case studies from the American Management Association and the Harvard Business School to perfect their coaching of individuals and teams.

  • Build their own Personal Development Action Plan to continue to develop as effective leadership coaches.

  • Case study from the American Management Association with individual and team decisions

  • How to interpret your Leadership Impact® results

  • Setting up development objectives for oneself and others


  • The Three Phases of Team Leadership

  • Case Study from Harvard Business School

  • Preparation for tomorrow's individual coaching sessions


  • 1-on-1 meeting your Executive Coach

  • Review results of the participant's Leadership Impact® profile and report

  • Set up Personal Development Action Plan to build on the Leadership Impact® results

Coaching individuel