360° Leardership ®



This three-day seminar takes participants on a voyage of discovery through their own leadership styles, the styles and results they generate in small work-groups and teams and the type of cultural climate they build in the departments and organizations they manage. Using the latest Human Synergistics® technologies, they discover not only their positive and negative impacts on those around them, but also how to diagnose the styles of others and how best to influence their colleagues, subordinates and superiors. Finally, they make an action plan to continue improving after the seminar.




  • Senior- and Middle-Managers

  • Project Team

  • Leaders and all professionals who need to motivate others to achieve results




Participants will:

  • Receive their own individual and confidential LSI® 360° Leadership profile

  • Have their own one-on-one coaching session with a personal Leadership Coach

  • Recognize the four constructive styles used by the most effective leaders

  • Have an 'ideal' leadership model on which to base their hiring and promotion decisions

  • Understand how their leadership style impacts on the teams they manage and/or contribute to

  • Be able to diagnose leadership problems in the teams and organizations with whom they work

  • Greatly improve their skills as mentors and coaches

  • Be able to better balance the demands of their professional and private lives


  • The impact of your leadership style on teams, groups and organizations

  • Team Survival exercise

  • Calculating performance gain and synergy

  • Group Styles Profiles

  • The four constructive styles used by the most effective leaders

  • 360° concept debriefing

  • The Awareness x Action = Results model

  • Setting an Effectiveness Contract

  • Individual decisions on Business Case Study


  • Introduction to the Personal Leadership Coaches

  • Business Case study, team decisions

  • Scores, analysis and conclusions

  • Compare gain and synergy scores 

  • Teams draw Leadership process conclusions

  • Leadership process at work - "12 Angry Men" case study, using the classic Henry Fonda movie

  • Teams determine their capacity to recognize leadership styles & predict resulting behaviours

  • Case Study; individual, team & organizational outcomes using different leadership styles


  • What is Organizational Culture?

  • How does Leadership style positively and negatively affect the culture of a department or organization?

  • Envisioning a culture for quality; individual and team decisions on how to build high-performance work teams and organizations

  • Measure individual and team progress in using and applying the four constructive leadership styles

  • Actual and Ideal culture profiles; how to lead cultures towards the ideal

  • Personal Development Action Plan 


"Top marks for your ‘360° Leadership’ program and the coaching session that followed. The 360° leadership profile and the perception of those around us at work, leads us to positively challenge our ‘egos’ and the way we approach work, but especially it helps us to grow, not only as leaders but as human beings…We cannot ask more than that!"

Christine Saint-Pierre, Director, Leisure, Culture and Community activities

City of Victoriaville

"Our leadership programme at the Hilton Montreal Airport has been valuable on both a personal and a professional level. Personally, it has put the work component of my life into its proper perspective to provide me with better overall balance. Professionally, it has provided practical hands-on tools to help me manage the vital changes in our organization and draw on the combined strengths of all my team."

Alison Palin, General Manager

Hilton Montreal Airport