Key Management Competencies


Before the workshop, we meet with your team to determine the five top-priority management competencies for your organization. Participating Managers and Supervisors then complete an on-line 360° profile questionnaire. During the 1-day workshop, the participants complete team exercises to refine the five identified competencies and to decide how to apply them to their organization. Then they receive the results of their 360° profile and plan development actions for any identified areas to improve. After the workshop, the team plans an appropriate set of development actions. These may include on-the-job projects and seminars, to improve the top-priority competencies that have been identified as areas of concern.

  • Before the 1-day workshop, the organization decides on the top five Supervisory skills and competencies necessary for its success

  • During the workshop, participants work together in teams to define what these competencies mean for their organization

  • They then receive their 360° Supervisory Skills profile

  • They determine their areas of strengths and needs for on-going development, vis-à-vis the organization's pre-identified top 5 Supervisory skills and competencies

  • After the workshop, the team plans an appropriate set of development actions

  • These may include on-the-job projects & seminars, to improve the top-priority skills and competencies identified as areas of concern


  • Managers and Supervisors

  • Project Managers

  • Team Leaders


Participants will receive 360° feedback on their level of effectiveness in these fourteen key management competencies:

Task competencies


  • Problem Solving

  • Time Management

  • Planning

  • Goal Setting

  • Performance Leadership

  • Organizing


Personal Competencies


  • Stress Processing

  • Maintaining Integrity

  • Commitment

Interpersonal Competencies


  • Team Development

  • Delegation

  • Participation

  • Integrating Differences

  • Providing Feedback