Participants receive a full Human Synergistics LSI® 360° profile and report to ensure objective awareness of their strengths and areas for professional development. Then we build a Coaching Profile to focus on actions and measurable results.


This three-day seminar helps participants discover their own leadership styles, the styles and results they generate in small work-groups and teams and the type of cultural climate they build in the departments and organizations they manage. 


Before the workshop, we meet with your team to determine the five top-priority management competencies for your organization. Participating Managers and Supervisors then complete an on-line 360° profile questionnaire. During the 1-day workshop, the participants complete team exercises to refine the five identified competencies and to decide how to apply them to their organization.

With a short, intensive investment of your time, you will learn key skills to become a highly effective leader and a developer of others to become leaders in their turn. A two-day workshop, followed the next day by 1-on-1 coaching sessions lasting 90 - 120 minutes for each participant.

At the beginning of your intensive workshop, you will complete an LSI® Conflict Management profile questionnaire. You then follow a video-based Conflict Management case study and build your personal LSI® Conflict Management visual profile. This profile is designed to reveal your use of constructive or defensive styles in resolving conflicts.