Highly Effective Teams


Successful, competent individuals do not automatically make successful competent team players. Indeed, some of the traits they use to succeed as individuals are serious obstacles to their success in a team. 'Winning Teams' diagnoses your current team's strengths and weaknesses and sets specific actions for improved team effectiveness.



  • Existing teams looking for ways to become more effective

  • Newly-constituted teams that need to avoid potential pitfalls

  • Project teams

  • Team Leaders wishing to know more about the dynamics of successful teams

  • Individuals who belong to several teams at any one time



You will learn how to:

  • Recognize the four behaviours and results used by the most effective teams

  • Generate synergy between team members Use these concepts on the job

  • Plan team projects to maximize synergy and improve outcomes

  • Coach others to use these methods and to achieve superior team results

"I found that, although our senior management team had a solid idea of our strengths and areas for improvement, it was very valuable to us to have an objective, outside view. The approach used by Colin Newhouse & Associates has provoked us into making real and constructive changes."

Jean-Pierre Léger ,  President and CEO 

Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert Ltée